Invitation to 2019 Israel Security Conference

On March 26, 2019, Israel Security Conference will be held for the third year in a row. The conference is designed to establish a professional security community and a creative thinking forum for the industry leaders in Israel. The conference is attended by all the major entities in the field of state and civil security, as well as by other security and intelligence agencies. Israel Security Conference is chaired by Police Commissioner (ret.) Shlomo Aharonishky, while the steering committee is composed of senior officials, who serve or previously served in the state and civil security forces in Israel.

2017 Israel Security Conference will be attended by 600 Israeli security experts, including over 100 officers and instructors representing the regulatory bodies (Ministry of Public Security, Israel Police, Israel Security Agency, Ministry of Defense Security Authority and the IDF), 400 senor security managers and over 100 consultants, integrators, manufacturers, importers and exporters.


The 2019 Israel Security Conference will address several key issues:

Part I –

  • Greetings :

    •  Minister of Public Security Knesset Member Gilad Erdan

    •  Police Commissioner - Chief Superintendent Roni Al-Sheikh

  • Presentation of the primary areas of staff activities towards the establishment of a "security concept" for the State of Israel – process led by the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS).

  • Three short lectures addressing the staff activities:

  • Head of Counter-Terrorism Bureau and deputy head of the National Security Council, Eitan Ben David .

  • Head of the Israel Police Security Division ,Brig. Gen. Einat Gil Tzubari.

    • Director General of the Ministry of Public Security- Mr. Eliezer Rosenbaum - “Personal Security in Public Space.

Break – participants can visit the exhibition.

Part II – “Europe Awakens” – lecture by UEFA Head of Stadia & Security, Marc Timmer.

Part III – Breakthrough Technologies:

  • The drone threat – including presentation of operational solutions.

  • Video analytics/face recognition and biometric databases.

  • Emergency communication systems: transition to PTT over IP – capabilities and challenges.

  • This part will be presented by Mr. Zvika Kanfer, former Chief Scientist in the Ministry of Public Security.

  • The final speaker, member of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee MK Ofer Shelah-" The concept of security as part of Israel's national security strategy"


On behalf of the steering committee members:

  1. Shlomo Aharonishky – former Israel Police Commissioner.

  2. Maj. Gen. (ret.) Yitzhak (Yitzko) Shadar – Chairman of the steering committee, former Knesset Officer.

  3. Aryeh Appel – Ministry of Public Security.

  4. Oded Raz – former Deputy Head of Security at the Israel Security Agency.

  5. Hagai Baram – former Senior Security Expert at the Israel Security Agency and Head of 760.

  6. Haim Koenig – former Head of Department at the Israel Security Agency.

  7. Shlomo Harnoy – “Sdema” Owner & CEO, former Head of the Israeli Close Protection Unit.

  8. Pini Schiff – former Ben-Gurion Airport Head of Security, currently serves as the Israel Security Association CEO.

  9. Avi Bachar – former Head of Security at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Security Chief at the Witness Protection Authority.

  10. Haim Nugelblat – Chief Security Officer at Bnei Brak Municipality, Chairman of the Security Officers Association.

  11. Yoel Levy – Chairman of the Israel Security Manager Association, former senior VP at the Ministry of Public Security.

  12. Ran Dalal – Security Forum representative.

  13. Adv. Perry Novotny – civil security expert and Conference Management’s Legal Adviser.

  14. Irad Gale – “Metzuda” Magazine Editor in Chief and Israel Security Conference Director.